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Process Variable Indicator


The Process Variable Indicator (PVI) provides both a digital & graphical display of any analogue (4-20 mA) process variable. The display of the process variable is provided in two simultaneous forms viz. bar graph and numeric value.

The bar graph is programmable into up to 5 regions. Each bar region may be programmed to display in one of 3 colours, making it easy for the Operator to spot any measured value as being out of the “normal” operating range e.g. A control valve may be at its most efficient when operated between 15% and 70% open. The PVI may then be calibrated to display the Bar as “Green” for values in this region and “Red” for values between 0%-14% and 71%-100%.

  • The numeric value of the variable is also displayed on a 4 digit seven-segment LED display. The numeric display may be configured to display in either Engineering Units or in Percentage.
  • Programmable high and low alarms will result in the display(s) flashing when the variable is in these conditions.
  • All calibration information is safely stored in EEPROM for automatic retrieval after failure of power to the instrument.
  • The instrument is self-contained and packaged in a DIN format panel mount enclosure.


200 DeviceNet

EDS_ABIC_DEV_V_1_22.19 KB153 Download


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