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PID Controllers


UNICON® is a three term controller, which can be used for stand-alone applications where a plant supervisory system (E.g. PLC or DCS, etc.) is not present.

The unit is available in three different variants:
    1. Single Loop Controller:
      The standard three term controller mode where the set point can be adjusted locally via the keypad or remotely via the (4-20mA) analogue input. The Proportional, Integral and Derivative control parameters are adjustable via the keypad. The (4-20mA) analogue control output can be operated in Automatic and Manual control modes.
    2. Remote Set-point Station:
      This mode provides a set point output via a (4-20 mA) analogue signal. The process variable can also be displayed & to this end a (4-20 mA) analogue input is provided.
    3. Remote Set-point station with Cut-Back option:
      The Cut-back option provides a means to reduce the set point output by a preset percentage when activated via a digital input. The value to which the output restores, after removal of the cut-back signal, is also programmable. This option is typically used in the cement industry for pulverised fuel control.


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