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PFSQ-830 – Chlorine Canister Weighing System


Custom Designed weigh frame for use in water treatment plants where chlorine dosing is required

Major advantages of the PFSQ-830

  • Continuous loadcell monitoring – Faulty loadcells are electronically “removed from operation” while the defective loadcell is replaced.
  • Simplified Calibration – Accurate theoretical calibration to within 0.1% of capacity is achieved without the need for static test weights.

Additional benefits of the PFSQ-830

  • Individual loadcell monitoring and amplification.
  • Measuring Transmitter with user friendly and Fieldbus interface capabilities.
  • Stainless steel loadcells, with special epoxy coating to protect loadcells against corrosion and chloride stress corrosion cracking (CLSCC).
  • Loadcell mounting hardware complete with jacking facility for ease of loadcell maintenance.
  • Lever operated lifting mechanism to facilitate mechanically isolating the weigh-frame from the loadcells, thus removing the risk of damage (overload) to the loadcells during the process of re-
  • loading canisters.
  • Built-in overload indicator.
  • Painted with a special industrial protective coating recommended for chlorine environments.


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