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MMG-630 “The Aquameter” On-Line Moisture Analyser


  • Process Material
    Unlike gauges which measure the moisture on the material surface only, the MMG-630 makes measurements right through the bed of process material – eliminating errors associated with vertical moisture segregation.
  • Microwave Transmission Technology
    The Aquametrix On-Line Moisture Analyser employs state of the art circuitry to measure the water (moisture) content in process materials, in real time, using Microwave transmission technology.
  • Low Maintenance
    Measurement is non-contacting and possible on a wide range of process materials and moisture ranges and is unaffected by particle size, colour or speed of the material. The gauge is non-intrusive and does not affect the process flow. The system does not have any wear items and requires very little maintenance.
  • No Licensing Required
    No licensing is required for the analyser since the Microwave energy transmitted is very low (approx. 20 times less than a mobile phone). The process material is unaffected by the microwaves. When coupled to an accurate mass measurement device (e.g. appropriate conveyor scale), the dry material flow rate may be accurately computed.
  • Optimisation of Processes
    This real time measurement allows optimisation of Processes where the moisture is an important variable. The rugged measuring assembly is from Stainless Steel as standard (optionally others) and is pre-aligned making installation simple and easy.


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