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Gamma Belt Scales


Non-contacting Gamma-weigh® Scale provides low maintenance measurement of material Flow Rate and Total on a conveyor.

The Gamma-weigh® scale operates on the principle of gamma absorption. The “C- Frame” contains a (point) source of gamma radiation at the top and a (strip) gamma detector at the bottom.

Any material between the source and detector will attenuate (absorb) some of the gamma rays. This attenuation is inversely proportional to the mass between the source and detector.

Being a non-contacting measurement, the mechanical construction/properties of the conveying system are of little importance. The effects of belt tension, wind, vibration etc have no influence on the measurement. The conveyor passes through the ‘C-frame’ freely without any contact.

Measurement on various types of conveyors is possible, e.g. Rubber belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, Apron feeders, Screw conveyors, Pipe conveyors etc. The conveyor speed is measured by our high-resolution, all digital, PT-500/2500 tachometer. Signal processing is performed by our UNIPRO® weighing transmitter. C-Frames are available to suit belt widths from 300 mm through 2400 mm.


Gamma Belt Scales

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