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EC® Conveyor Scale


The EC® scale models are of Standard (non counter-balanced) design.

The available weigh frame formats include:

  • Single Weigh Idler
  • Dual Weigh Idler
  • Three Weigh Idler
  • Four Weigh Idler
  • Six Weigh Idler

The EC® weigh frame(s) incorporate a long, low-deflection type weigh bridge offering extended scale-born time to minimise the effects of dynamic forces, belt tension variations, as well as material particle size effects. The EC® weigh frame is available in weigh spans (lengths) of 1 through 4 weighing idlers.

The conveyor speed is measured by our all digital, high-resolution, PT-500 tachometer. A Drive Assembly (TDU) is available for the speed sensor as an option to simplify attachment of the speed sensor to the conveyor.

Signal processing is performed by our UNIPRO® weighing transmitter. Should increased accuracy/ performance be required, the EC® weigh frames allow simple upgrading to counter-balanced Accuweigh® weigh frames.

Once upgraded the EC® Scale is transformed into an Accuweigh® Scale.



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