We offer two technologies for conveyor weighing, namely;

  • Electro-Mechanical (E/M) type – which employs load cell(s) to measure the loading on the belt and;
  • Gamma type – which determines the load on the belt by measuring the absorption of gamma rays.

Electro-Mechanical scales

Electro-Mechanical scales are available in many different formats. All the E/M scales employ strain gauge load cells and differ only in the weigh frame type/design. The weigh frames are available in measurement (weigh) spans from 1 metre through 8 metres and are available in either Standard or Counter-Balanced format.

Non-contacting Gamma scales

Non-contacting Gamma scales provide weighment without the troublesome effects such as; belt tension, alignment, wind etc. The Gamma scales are also extremely easy to install and require very little space, making them ideal for applications where E/M scales cannot fit.

The correct choice of scale model depends on:

  • The Application.
  • The Accuracy required.
  • The Calibration facilities available.

Our wide range of conveyor scale models allows measurement on almost any conveyor application including; Standard conveyors employing rubber belting, Chain conveyors, Bucket conveyors, Apron/slatted steel conveyors, Screw conveyors and Pipe conveyors.

All our conveyor scales use the same UNIPRO® Weighing Transmitter and PT-500 Digital Speed Sensor. This transmitter is also the same as that used in our Density/Mass flow gauges, Continuous Level Gauges, Bin Weighing systems etc.

These conveyor scales are suitable for use on belt widths of 150 mm through 2500 mm and capacities from 100 kg/h through 20 000 t/h.